Years of dreaming about a different and beautiful life led me to pack my bags and move from the east coast to the Hawaiian islands.

But, it wasn't all sunshine and rainbows (though there was a lot of that ☺️). Working full time and completing graduate school left me exhausted -- and broke.

I wanted time to enjoy the islands, have energy to dive, climb, surf with my partner and pup. I wanted the financial stability to explore alternative healing practices for fatigue and other health challenges.

I realized the only way to create the life I desired was through digital income, but I was bogged down with all the fluff, all the vague, and sometimes 'icky marketing. There was no way I was going to do it that way!

It took a whole lot of time and energy to find the right mentors, course, and frameworks that aligned with my values and didn't feel cringey🤢.

Now, I'm on a mission to help others find that freedom. Join me on the journey as we set ourselves free!

I'm Meg & this is Cleo 🤍

woman sitting in car with dog
woman sitting in car with dog

In 2017, I packed my bags, resigned from teaching job, and abandoned the east coast for a life of fun in sun . . .

Graduate school was a much needed change. I was learning new things and on my own schedule. Taking breaks at the beach, swimming in the ocean, and just full on enjoying life. But, reality set in and I soon found myself a part-time job at an elementary school, and another job working at the university. Life got busy. I was stressed and exhausted. Again.

I got sick. Really sick. And my symptoms only got worse and worse. I was fatigued, anxious, and reactive. I was going downhill fast. Seeing doctor after doctor with no answers. I reduced my work hours and prolonged finishing school. The debt started piling up. . .

And with it, so did my stress, exhaustion, and overwhelm.

And then 2020 rolled in . . .

Something had to change . . .

By 2022, I had found functional medicine and slowly my body started to heal. But, the structure of my life had to change. I couldn't keep following the same patterns of working to exhaustion just to pay my bills.

I wanted rest. I wanted healing. I wanted to swim, dive, hike, climb. I wanted to spend time with my partner, play with our puppy and hang out with our cat. I wanted energy to cook healthy meals and get back to my yoga practice.

I wanted to really live.

But what could I do?

I was stuck.

woman playing with puppy on couch
woman playing with puppy on couch

I had all these limiting beliefs around money and my own value.

I was intrigued by all these people I saw earning money online. But, that seemed like a pipe dream, like it was just too good to be true. At least for me. Didn't you have to be tech savvy? Didn't you have to be an influencer? Didn't you have to lead an adventurous and glamorous life?

Who am I to show up and tell my story?

I told myself over and over that I couldn't do it. That I couldn't afford to take online courses and learn new skills. That I'd never make any money. That a life like that belonged to someone else. But, never me.

But, with one out of this world supportive partner and many hours of research, I found a business model and framework that resonated with me.

woman sitting on beach with dog
woman sitting on beach with dog

I went all in. Immersed myself in the courses, started building automated systems, and dissolved those limiting beliefs one at a time.

Introducing . . . The Anti Affiliate Model!

Be part of a NEW wave of affiliates who have been taught differently & take the 'yuck' factor out of the marketing. Create a brand with substance, staying power, and true wealth potential.

some very potent training that's both business & mindset👩🏻‍💻🙇🏻‍♀️

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